Tested version on January 5th, 2021
This LS22 Terra Farm Script enables the player to do landscaping with standard machines and mods.

– The purchase price is: 0 €
– The daily maintenance costs are: 0 €

No available configuration options:
– no configuration options.

Supported standard devices:
– Albutt – front loader shovel
– Magsi – Telehandler shovel
– Magsi – wheel loader shovel
– McCormick – dump bucket
– Paladin – high tip shovel

Supported mods (version
– Case CX250D long range shovels
– CAT 990H shovel
– HAMM H11i road roller
– Liebherr R926 shovels
– Volvo EC750 buckets
– Volvo L-350H bucket

Supported filltypes (version
– asphalt
– Money
– bricks
– Concrete
– limestone
– pebbles
– Sand
– iron
– Paydirt
– river sand
– stone powder
– Clay

– As soon as the script has been activated, the player can do landscaping if he has the right devices / machines.
– The Landscaping Mouds can be activated with the “Z” key.
– The dismantling mode can be changed using the “X” key.
– The unloading mode can be changed with the “B” key.
– The menu is accessed using the “Y” key.
– Various settings can be made in the menu, including the strength, the radius, but also general things.
– The script runs in the single player and multiplayer area, but not yet 100% function in multiplayer!
– It is a BETA version.

– No problems in the form of game crashes or log errors detected, as this is a BETA version, there may be errors in functionality!



FS22_TerraFarm.zip – 724 KB

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1 Response

  1. Avatar Ash says:

    bonjour moi j’ai une erreur;
    /Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/FS22_TerraFarm/classes/TerraFarmLandscaping.lua:224: attempt to call field ‘removeStoneArea’ (a nil value)
    2022-01-07 01:53 Error: Running LUA method ‘onSculptingApplied’.

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