KamAZ-55111 Sovok V0.1

A true classic of trucking, the favorite truck of all farmers in FS 22! Meet KamAZ dump truck 55111. After installing the mod, a first-class KamAZ truck will appear on your farm. The 55111 has proven itself to be good for transporting a variety of crops.

Characteristics of KamAZ-55111:

– An engine with a capacity of 260 hp is installed for efficient cargo transportation;
– Equipment drives at a speed of 67 km / h;
– The fuel tank is designed for 350 liters;
– There is an animated dashboard;
– Mirrors and other equipment also work;
– Sold for 20,000 euros.

– Log swears a little.



FS22_Kamaz_55111Sovok.zip – 22.8 MB
FS22_Kamaz_55111Sovok.zip – 23882892

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  1. Avatar Peter L. says:

    There is a scam link to this down load do not click on the “not a robot” link if it appears

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