JOHN DEERE 4755/4955 V1.0.0.1


Medium-sized tractor with all-wheel drive and up to 230 hp

Excuse me, but the error devil crept in when copying and an incorrect XML was inserted – the error has now been fixed!

What can the John Deere do?
– Tire choice
– Different color configs. Outside
– Different color configs. Inside
– The decals are available in standard and silver grey
– 40 km/h transmission
– Matching JD PickUp 1800 front weight available separately in the shop

Basically it’s a standard mod from the main Farming Simulator game,
which was only adapted to our current wishes.
One or the other knows the Deere from the twitch streams of Nastus 1 or CoffieTV,
and since there was often asked about the John Deere ….
Can you download it now 😛

! The download link is only ORIGINAL if it is a NON Profit link at Workupload!
A big thank you to the testers: Nastus1 / CoffieTV / UBM / Panda Martin.


Pfuscher – Garage
Butters Tuning Schmiede / BTS
Herr Krupp – 12.1 MB

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