Deutz Fahr Series 7
Hey guys
The time has finally come, the Deutz Fahr Series 7 from the LS 17 and 19 is now ready.
It took a while until he was finished, but now everything is as it should be,
Log also don’t show any errors and is therefore clean to play and I wish you all a lot of fun with it.

Content Mod:
All buttons in the vehicle are now illuminated.
You have all the rotating beacons available in the game.
Deutz logo on the front is illuminated.
Attachments: Option
Rotating beacon attachment option
License plate available

Attachments: Option
Without extension / side marking / radio + horn / work lights / all work lights / all extensions with glass effect
License plate available

Beacon attachment option:
Without RUL / With RUL 1 to 8
Update: Part bug fixed

May be shared in other forum / discord.
Download link remains original /// Download link remains original \\\


Giants Software
Maddog Design – 15.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Virtual Farmer Kuregi says:

    I have always Liked the Deutzfahr Series and Fendt series If I remember correctly this was in fs19 good times in doing jobs around the farm in this, And the Deutz Series and Fendt series Always seem to have Unusual Placement of grill and headlights, thats why I like them but not only that they are good powerhouses round the farm.

  2. Avatar Virtual Farmer Kuregi says:

    this needs to be edited it has a silly emoticon Flipping off john deere users so Either the clean up that logo on the back or it shouldnt of been published all tractors are good ,all are tools

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